Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas 2015. 
This is the first #Christmas since 2009 that I have had a Christmas tree in my home. I am however taking baby steps since I have only five ornaments and absolutely no other decorations or interest in Christmas.
The #Fall season and the #Holidays have for over a decade now brought heartbreaking loss each year. The last year I had a #Christmas tree and inside/outside decorations was 2009. In 2010/2011 I got divorced, lost my heart to a cancer con lying #Taryn #Smerecki #wedding #consultant and my father died, he actually did have cancer unlike #Taryn and #Kristen #Smerecki.
This #Christmas my loving companion dog passed on from complications of diabetes.
After those and many other painful hits and my divorce coming at #Christmas I gave up all #Holidays and decorations. 
I did fine for a few years, just me, mom and my two beloved dogs and no need for holidays. Now that I have a girlfriend who loves #Holidays and definitely #Christmas, after two years of her harassing me about a #Christmas tree I gave in and brought out my only remaining old #Christmas tree to make her happy. From the look of Joy on her face it was worth doing.
The dose of reality I got and the lessons I have learned from my cheating ex wife, her predecessors and the serious schooling I got from #Taryn #Smerecki with her lies of her mother #Kristen dying from cancer of #Taryn #Smerecki claiming to have cancer and her defrauding #Wigs For #Kids with her cancer claim among others I learned not to trust anyone EVER and I gave up all holiday appreciation. 
To me anymore the only good thing #Fall brings is #Hunting season.
The old adage #Christmas is for kids is very true.